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Menopause Massage Treatment 更年期护理

Menopause Massage Treatment Benefits 更年期护理的好处





更年期潮红潮热是指更年期的人时常出现的潮热、出汗,是更年期综合征中最常见并且最典型的症状。女生在40岁时身体方面开始出现严重失 眠、盗汗、整日没有精神、健忘等症状,影响工作和生活。更年期如果处理不当,人会容易变得唠叨、爱发脾气。除了寻找营养食谱、加强锻炼、尽量规律自己的生活外,您也可以选用我们的spa护理帮助改善病状。固定穴位按摩和热疗能够有效促进风湿、关节炎、腰腿痛疼、腰椎颈椎病、半身不遂、中风等疾病。

According to a recent Cox News report, approximately 4,000 women enter menopause each day. The need for comfort and relief for these women follows them from the first stages of perimenopause through to the final transition.

Menopause is certainly not an easy passage for women or their partners. Those infamous hot flashes are the most recognizable symptom, but the effects of menopause include a host of other problems: dry skin, night sweats, poor memory, urinary incontinence, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, headaches/migraines, bone loss, erratic menstrual cycles, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse and depression.


1) Improving posture

Relaxed, loosened muscles make it easier to maintain a healthy, natural posture, rather than the habitual slouch that results from trying (usually without success) to compensate for various aches and pains in the body brought on by menopause.

2) Boosting flexibility

Aging sometimes means changes in connective tissue, which reduces your range of motion. But massage can stimulate your body’s natural  lubricants between connective tissue fibers, making stretching easier. Anything that makes everyday life easier, as well as regular exercise, is very helpful in relieving menopause symptoms.

3) Lowering blood pressure

Blood pressure typically increases after menopause. The benefits of massage therapy include reducing anxiety, hostility and depression, helping keep stress hormones under control, and lowering the risk of stroke, heart attack and kidney failure, which in the end will help lower your blood pressure.

4) Other benefits

Some people still view taking time for a massage therapy as more of an indulgence than a medically beneficial service.Yet experts agree on the medical advantages of regular spa massage therapy, just as they agree on the importance of regular exams from your doctor and dentist.

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